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Limp Bizkit Tickets

Nu-metal kings Limp Bizkit are back to take you to the Matthew's Bridge! Learn everything about their upcoming Australian tour and get tickets here.

In the list of bands that define an era – Limp Bizkit is up there. Love them or loathe them, there is no denying the impact this nu-metal powerhouse had on the music landscape. With their distinctive sound, energetic performances, and an uncanny ability to speak directly to the hearts of the millennial generation, Limp Bizkit carved a niche for themselves that remains unparalleled.

Back in the late '90s and early 2000s, Limp Bizkit was on fire. Their tracks cracked the top 30 of the Hottest 100 three times, with a memorable top ten spot in 1999. Their records flew off the shelves, and they even inspired a legion of fans to sport backward red baseball caps – a fashion trend that, like their music, became iconic of the era.

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About this Event

Fast forward to today, and Limp Bizkit is still very much alive and kicking. Every time they make their way to Australia, fans can expect a relentless barrage of energy, and this year's visit as part of the Good Things festival promises to be no different. But that's not all – for those who simply can't get enough of the nu-metal goodness, the band has something special in store.

Limp Bizkit announce Australian tour sideshows

In addition to their Good Things festival appearance, Limp Bizkit has announced three massive sideshows on the East Coast. These shows are more than just concerts; they are a journey back in time, a nostalgic trip down memory lane for the fans who grew up listening to Fred Durst's fiery raps and Wes Borland's electrifying guitar riffs.

What makes these sideshows even more enticing is the fact that they mark the band's first trip to Australia since the release of their sixth studio album, titled 'Still Sucks.' With a title that humorously embraces their self-awareness, Limp Bizkit proves that they haven't lost their edge. If anything, they are as electrifying and relevant as ever, ready to unleash a barrage of nu-metal bangers upon their eager Australian audience.

Fred Durst moves from dad vibes to country

The iconic nu-metal band recently made their triumphant return to the stage in Munich, Germany, marking their first live performance since May 2022. Originally, the band had an extensive lineup of European and UK tour dates scheduled for the past year, but these plans were put on hold due to Durst's undisclosed medical issue. 

During their electrifying 24-song set, the band not only delivered fan favourites but also introduced some thrilling surprises. One such highlight was their live rendition of 'Barnacle,' a track from their latest album, 'Still Sucks,' performed for the first time in front of a live audience. Adding to the excitement, Limp Bizkit invited Sam Matlock of Wargasm onto the stage for a joint performance of the hit song 'Take a Look Around.'

However, the real showstopper was Durst's new look, which diverged drastically from his previous "Dad Vibes" style. Embracing a country-inspired aesthetic, Durst appeared on stage wearing denim overalls, complemented by a bushy gray beard that added a touch of rugged charm. But perhaps the most nostalgic element of his ensemble was the revival of his trademark accessory – the iconic backwards red baseball cap that had become synonymous with Limp Bizkit's early years.

Not to be outdone, guitarist Wes Borland, known for his ever-changing costumes, took the stage in a striking outfit reminiscent of a character from a sci-fi blockbuster, further enhancing the band's visually captivating performance.

What does the new Limp Bizkit album sound like?

'Still Sucks,' the latest offering from Limp Bizkit, bursts onto the scene with aggressive enthusiasm, immediately grabbing listeners' attention with the dynamic duo of 'Out Of Style' and 'Dirty Rotten Bizkit.' In these tracks, frontman Fred Durst showcases his knack for crafting infectious hooks set against the backdrop of a lively and energetic band. The album ventures into uncharted territory by incorporating harsh-vocal heaviness on tracks like 'Pill Popper' and 'You Bring Out The Worst In Me.' Meanwhile, 'Barnacle' delivers a Turnstile-esque jam with a brooding edge, and the album unexpectedly features a brief acoustic ballad named 'Empty Hole.'

Limp Bizkit embraces their hip hop roots on tracks such as 'Dad Vibes' and 'Goodbye,' with the biting 'Turn It Up, Bitch' perfectly encapsulating the gritty, damaged nu-rap vibe reminiscent of their earlier albums.

'Still Sucks' is undeniably diverse, showcasing the band's willingness to experiment with new sounds while staying true to their core identity, a balance that resonates well with fans. The album retains that signature Limp Bizkit mood without feeling like a forced attempt to relive their wild, youthful days. The guitar riffs hit hard, the production is top-notch, and the band's performance remains as robust as ever, all stemming from a place of maturity. Expect some energy when the Bizkit bring the new album to Australia later this year!

Limp Bizkit's live performances are legendary 

Raw energy, infectious enthusiasm, and an electrifying atmosphere sum up a Limp Bizkit gig. So, if you find yourself longing for the days of nu-metal greatness, there's no better way to satisfy that craving than by grabbing a ticket to one of Limp Bizkit's upcoming sideshows. 

Get ready to roll back the years, don your backwards red cap, and do it all for the nookie by grabbing your tickets here.

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