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Sydney Swans Tickets

The Sydney Swans hit a bit of a rough patch in 2023. One season you're riding high; the next, you're battling it out in elimination finals against Carlton.

  • Round 11 - Western Bulldogs vs Sydney Swans

    Marvel Stadium, Melbourne

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  • Round 13 - Sydney Swans vs Geelong Cats

    Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney

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  • Round 15 - GWS Giants vs Sydney Swans

    GIANTS Stadium, Sydney

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  • Round 16 - Sydney Swans vs Fremantle

    Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney

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  • Round 17 - St Kilda vs Sydney Swans

    Marvel Stadium, Melbourne

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  • Round 18 - Sydney Swans vs North Melbourne

    Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney

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  • Round 19 - Brisbane Lions vs Sydney Swans

    The Gabba, Brisbane

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  • Round 20 - Sydney Swans vs Western Bulldogs

    Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney

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  • Round 22 - Sydney Swans vs Collingwood

    Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney

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  • Round 23 - Essendon vs Sydney Swans

    Marvel Stadium, Melbourne

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  • Round 24 - Sydney Swans vs Adelaide Crows

    Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney

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About this Event

In 2024, the Swans are gearing up for another shot at glory with a squad packed full of fresh faces ready to make their mark. Sure, they've bid farewell to legends like Lance Franklin and Paddy McCartin, and injuries have thrown some curveballs their way, but under the guidance of head coach John Longmire, this team is ready to prove their mettle once again.

With new recruits like Brodie Grundy, Taylor Adams, Joel Hamling, and James Jordon joining the ranks, the Bloods are primed for a revival. And let's not forget about the young guns stepping up to the plate – these cygnets-turned-Swans are the future of the club, and they're ready to soar.

The Sydney Swans 2023 season review

In 2023, the Sydney Swans faced the daunting task of rebuilding after a crushing defeat in the previous year's grand final against Geelong. Many doubted their ability to bounce back, but this resilient squad proved the sceptics wrong by clinching a spot in the finals.

With a record of 12 wins, 10 losses, and one draw, the Swans fought tooth and nail throughout the season, showcasing their determination and grit. Despite falling short in the elimination final against Carlton, the team's performance was commendable, especially considering their youthful roster and the absence of key players due to injuries and retirement.

One of the standout aspects of the Swans' game in 2023 was their relentless pressure on the opposition. Ranked second for pressure acts in the league, they made life difficult for their opponents, particularly in the midfield. Led by James Rowbottom, whose average of 7.3 tackles per game set the tone, the Swans disrupted opposition play and capitalised on turnovers to create scoring opportunities.

However, the season was not without its challenges. The retirement of Lance "Buddy" Franklin left a void in the forward line, putting pressure on other players to step up. While Tom Papley and Isaac Heeney performed admirably, their dual roles as forwards and on-ballers highlighted the team's lack of depth in attack. Although promising young talents like Joel Amartey and Logan McDonald showed glimpses of potential, they still have room to grow before reaching the level of the competition's best.

Despite these challenges, the Swans had a shining star in midfielder Errol Gulden. At just 21 years old, Gulden emerged as one of the AFL's brightest talents, earning himself an All-Australian spot on the wing. His explosive playstyle, characterised by his ability to rack up kicks and hit the scoreboard, was instrumental in the Swans' success throughout the season.

The greatest player in the AFL right now?

When it comes to discussing the Sydney Swans, there's one name that immediately springs to mind: Errol Gulden. Hailed as the steal of the 2020 draft, Gulden wasted no time making his mark on the AFL scene. Despite initial doubts about his size, standing at just 175cm, Gulden quickly silenced the skeptics with his exceptional ball skills and unwavering determination.

One of Gulden's standout attributes is his left foot, which many Swans fans proudly claim is the best in the competition, and we wholeheartedly agree. With pinpoint accuracy and the confidence to back it up, Gulden has a knack for slicing through opposition defences with precision passes that seem to defy logic. For Swans forwards, seeing Gulden lining up inside 50 must be a welcome sight.

Heading into the 2023 season, it was evident that the coaching staff recognised Gulden's immense potential, as indicated by a standout performance in a pre-season match against Carlton, where he amassed an impressive 45 disposals and three goals. Throughout the season, Gulden showcased his versatility, seamlessly transitioning between roles on the field, a testament to his football IQ and adaptability.

By the end of the 2023 season, Gulden had surpassed all expectations, both internally and externally. His stellar performances earned him recognition as a first-time All-Australian, the Bob Skilton Medal, and a fourth-place finish in the Brownlow Medal, cementing his status as one of the league's top talents.

For the 2024 season, expectations for Gulden have soared even higher. His dedication to improvement was evident in his off-season efforts, notably winning the 2km time trial in January, showcasing his commitment to maintaining his elite fitness levels. While the addition of Taylor Adams and James Jordon to the midfield mix may see Gulden spending less time in the centre bounce, his impact on the game is sure to remain significant.

With his burgeoning reputation, Gulden can expect to attract increased attention from opposition defences in 2024, perhaps even drawing the occasional tag. However, based on his track record of overcoming challenges and delivering standout performances, there's little doubt that Gulden has the resilience and talent to take his game to new heights this season. 

The Sydney Swans' acquisition of Brodie Grundy 

A significant shift in the Sydney Swans' midfield dynamics sets the stage for an exciting 2024 season. While Tom Hickey's departure left fans feeling uncertain, Grundy's arrival has injected a new sense of optimism and anticipation among supporters.

When the rumours began swirling about Grundy's potential move to Sydney, it was hard not to feel a surge of excitement. As a two-time All-Australian and one of the premier ruckmen in the league, Grundy brings a wealth of experience and talent to the Swans' lineup. Although his decision to split ruck duties with Max Gawn at Melbourne may have raised eyebrows, his move to Sydney signals a fresh start and a chance to reassert himself as a dominant force in the AFL.

The Swans' midfield struggles in 2023 were well-documented, with the team facing challenges in winning clearances and maintaining pressure late in games. With Grundy now anchoring the ruck alongside former Collingwood teammate Taylor Adams, the Swans have addressed a key area of concern and bolstered their midfield with a seasoned and versatile player.

Described by his former teammates as a "fourth midfielder," Grundy's ability to impact the game both in the ruck and around the ground makes him a valuable asset for the Swans. His decision to embrace the change of scenery and focus on his football in Sydney speaks volumes about his commitment to the team and his desire to contribute to their success.

Grundy can potentially upgrade the Swans in 2024 and make a significant statement in the AFL landscape.

The Sydney Swans' 2024 forward line

It's not just the young talls shaping the Swan's success but also the infusion of experience that adds depth and versatility. While players like Tom Papley and Isaac Heeney, though not quite seasoned veterans at 27, bring their own brand of experience, it's the presence of Luke Parker that adds a unique dimension to the mix.

At 31 years old, Parker, a three-time Bob Skilton Medallist, finds himself transitioning into a different role for the 2024 season. Although a preseason injury may delay his return to the field, the plan is for him to spend more time forward, providing a seasoned presence in the Swans' attacking line. We've seen glimpses of his impact in this role, particularly in the finals last season when his move forward sparked a remarkable comeback against Carlton.

Despite his relatively modest stature at 183cm, Parker possesses a remarkable ability to take contested marks and contribute effectively to the scoreboard. With a career goal-kicking accuracy well above the AFL average, he brings a level of reliability and versatility to the forward line. While he may not replicate the impact of players like Dustin Martin or Patrick Dangerfield, Parker's unique skill set makes him a valuable asset in any role he plays.

The Swans will be closely monitoring Sam Reid's progress as he aims to regain full fitness for the upcoming season. A key figure in the 2022 Grand Final side, Reid's absence last season was keenly felt, highlighting his importance to the team. Renowned for his solid marking and kicking in the forward line, Reid's versatility as an experienced swingman adds another dimension to the Swans' defensive structure. While he may not start in the Round One lineup, his potential impact later in the season cannot be overlooked, making his return to form a priority for the team.

As the Swans look to balance youth with experience in their forward line, players like Parker and Reid will play crucial roles in shaping the team's success in 2024. With their wealth of experience and versatility, they provide invaluable leadership and stability, complementing the youthful exuberance of their teammates.

Lethal left-footers in the Sydney Swans lineup

Errol Gulden may steal the spotlight, but he's not the only one capable of slicing through opposition defences with precision. Players like Nick Blakey and Braeden Campbell also wield their left pegs like weapons, consistently causing headaches for their opponents.

Nick Blakey, affectionately known as "The Lizard," has seamlessly transitioned from his drafted role as a key forward to become a linchpin in the Swans' backline. His explosive speed and willingness to take risks make him a dynamic force on the field. Blakey's role as a primary kicker in kick-ins allows him to maximise territory for the Swans, utilising his agility and vision to drive the ball up the middle of the ground. While his style may appear unorthodox, Blakey's ability to break the lines and create scoring opportunities is undeniable, as evidenced by his end-to-end goal in a recent practice match against the Giants.

Another player poised for a breakout season in 2024 is Braeden Campbell. Drafted at pick five in 2020, the 21-year-old has quickly established himself as a versatile asset for the Swans, showcasing his skills on the wing and across the half-back line. While there are high hopes for Campbell to eventually transition into the midfield, his current prowess in clearing defensive pressure makes him a valuable asset in the defensive half of the field. Despite the temptation to deploy him forward due to his scoring ability, Campbell's defensive capabilities make him an integral part of the Swans' game plan.

As Campbell continues to hone his skills and gain experience, his growth potential is limitless. With each preseason, he fine-tunes his game and refines his ability to impact the contest. In 2024, fans can expect to see Campbell's determination and ambition on full display as he looks to take his game to the next level. Whether he's breaking lines from the back or contributing on the scoreboard, Campbell's lethal left foot will undoubtedly play a crucial role in the Swans' success.

A little spotlight on Angus Sheldrick and Matt Roberts

These two players may not have garnered as much attention as some of the Swans' high-profile recruits, but their potential impact on the team should not be underestimated. As they enter their third AFL season, both players have demonstrated their capabilities in the VFL, consistently delivering standout performances week after week.

Sheldrick, in particular, showed glimpses of his potential as an inside midfielder during a four-match stretch last season. Averaging an impressive 22 disposals and five tackles per game, he showcased his ability to win the contested ball and provide valuable support to the Swans' midfield. Unfortunately, his season was cut short by an ankle injury in round 17, but his promising form has not gone unnoticed within the club. With a full preseason under his belt, Sheldrick is poised to push for regular selection in the senior side and could even be a contender for the Rising Star award.

Similarly, Roberts has shown promise in his role through the midfield despite his limited opportunities at the senior level. While his career-high disposals may not match up to Sheldrick's, his impact on the game as a substitute player has been noteworthy. Like Sheldrick, Roberts also faced challenges with injuries in 2023, but with a strong preseason behind him, he is ready to compete for a spot in the starting 22.

Assistant coach Dean Cox has praised both players for their impressive preseason performances, highlighting their dedication to improving their game. With injuries creating opportunities in the Swans' lineup, Sheldrick and Roberts have a chance to prove their worth and cement their places on the team.

As the Swans look to build depth and resilience in critical positions, the emergence of players like Sheldrick and Roberts provides a glimpse of the team's future potential. With the opportunity ripe for the taking, these young talents are poised to seize their moment and make a significant impact in the 2024 season.

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