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Jonas Brothers Tickets

The Jonas Brothers, renowned for their infectious pop-rock tunes and captivating performances, have announced their much-anticipated return to Australia. 

The Jones Brothers, who had previously hinted at potential Aussie tour dates during an interview with Smallzy's Surgery in May, have announced the big one – an Australia tour! At that time, Smallzy expressed his eagerness, saying, "I was going to ask about Australia, but I’m like a scorned lover – I’ve asked you when you’re coming, and you’ve told me you were, and then you never showed up for years."

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About this Event

Why the wait for the Australian tour?

The brothers explained that the COVID-19 pandemic had complicated their plans, and despite their desire to visit Australia, circumstances had prevented it. Nick Jonas humorously noted, "Covid hit, which complicated our ability to come… You really didn’t want anyone to come." However, the brothers expressed their enthusiasm for finally making it to Australia, emphasising that they had been longing to play a show in the country for a considerable time.

Initially planning an Australian tour in 2019, the Jonas Brothers faced interruptions due to the global health crisis. Undeterred, they have now embarked on an extensive tour of the United States, titled "Five Albums. One Night." The unique tour features chronological sets, with the band performing fan-favourite tunes from their past five albums.

The official tour dates for Australia have been unveiled

Performances are scheduled for February and March 2024. The tour starts at the Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney on March 1 and 2, followed by shows in Brisbane and Melbourne on March 5, 8, and 9, respectively.

Fans eager to secure their spots at the concerts have had the opportunity to purchase tickets through presale and general public sale. As an additional incentive, Ticketek is offering a Black Friday deal, providing a 30% discount on GA standing and A reserve tickets.

Reflecting on their 2019 Australian tour postponement, Joe Jonas expressed gratitude to Australian fans for their patience. He assured them of the band's commitment, stating, "We have two promises; we’re back, and we’re going to tour Australia definitely!"

The Jonas Brothers' return to Australia is marked by a sense of self-assurance and a celebration of their enduring musical journey. In a recent interview, Nick Jonas reflects on the band's perseverance despite criticism, emphasising that external opinions have never hindered their passion for creating music. Alongside his brothers Joe and Kevin, Nick expresses gratitude for the ease they feel with their latest album, 'The Album,' which serves as a testament to a new beginning for the trio.

Taking a trip down memory lane

The brothers recall their early years, starting with the debut album 'It's About Time' in 2006. Initially aspiring to be a punk band, the Jonas Brothers faced challenges as they navigated their sound, eventually finding success with a pop-oriented approach under Disney's Hollywood Records. Despite initial setbacks, the trio quickly became undeniable stars with hits like 'S.O.S' and 'When You Look Me In The Eyes,' solidifying their place in pop culture alongside contemporaries like Miley Cyrus and High School Musical cast members.

The interview sheds light on the challenges faced during their Disney era, where the trio lived under constant scrutiny like other young stars. Joe Jonas emphasises the pressure to be polished idols and the invasion of privacy that comes with their fame. The discussion also touches upon the "purity rings" controversy and the struggles of being teenagers in an adult world.

The Jonas Brothers' journey took a turn in 2008 with the release of 'A Little Bit Longer,' signalling a desire for maturity and a shift in musical direction. However, internal conflicts arose during the creation of 'Lines, Vines and Trying Times' in 2009, leading to a hiatus and eventual disbandment in 2013.

Reflecting on their return in 2019

The brothers admit they had to go on separate journeys to find themselves. Their reunion, marked by the success of singles like 'Sucker,' was initially perceived as a risk, but the band felt confident in their decision.

The interview delves into the making of 'The Album,' a record that differs sonically from their previous work. Drawing inspiration from timeless greats like Fleetwood Mac and The Bee Gees, the Jonas Brothers collaborate with producer Jon Bellion to infuse a modern twist into their sound. Lyrically, the album explores broader themes, with tracks like 'Little Bird' addressing parenthood and 'Waffle House' delving into their sibling relationship.

The band acknowledges the impact of their music on fans' lives, with 'The Album' carrying messages of inclusion, acceptance, and celebration of life. Despite the world's challenges, the Jonas Brothers aim to bring positivity through their music, creating an album that, unintentionally, became a feel-good record.

As the brothers continue their musical journey, they express pride in their back catalogue and the evolution of their sound. The promise of 'five albums, one night' in their current tour reflects their commitment to making people feel good and celebrating their extensive musical repertoire.

Looking ahead, the Jonas Brothers embrace the freedom to be authentic in a world where authenticity reigns supreme. They celebrate life with 'The Album,' recognising that their best years may still be ahead. The interview captures a band that has grown, evolved, and found a renewed sense of purpose, ready to continue making music that resonates with longtime fans and a new generation.

How to get tickets the Jonas Brothers' current tour

Fueled by the release of their latest album, "The Album," promises a musical journey through their extensive discography. The shows blend their most beloved hits from the past and newer tracks, creating a nostalgic yet exciting experience for fans.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, the brothers discussed the intricacies of the tour, which involves performing songs from all five albums in a single night. The shows, described as "something special," incorporate medleys and mosaics to blend the extensive repertoire into a three-hour spectacle seamlessly. Adding extra musicians, including a horn section, cellist, backup singers, and percussionist, enhances the live experience and ensures a full representation of their musical journey over the past 18 years. Don’t miss the amazing show; grab your tickets from Queen of Tickets now

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