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Grab Your Halo and Get Ready for the Beyoncé Australian Tour

The moment all Aussie Beyoncé fans have been waiting for! Ever since our queen and saviour dropped her country album, ‘Cowboy Carter,’ back on March 29, the Beyhive down under has been buzzing. The latest rumour is that Queen B herself might be gracing the stage at the MCG on the Melbourne leg of her tour, joining legends like Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift, who have recently played there to packed crowds.

With the AFL Grand Final wrapping up the last Saturday in September and the cricket season not kicking off until early November, October seems like the perfect window. So, start mentally clearing your schedule, just in case.

For now, it’s all part of the whisper network, but rest assured, Queen of Tickets will be one of the very first to offer Beyoncé Australian tour tickets, so sign up to our mailing list so you know about the tour before anyone else does.

In the meantime, catch up on all things Beyoncé below so your brain is full of knowledge when it comes time to grab those Beyoncé Australian tour tickets.

What are the next dates on Beyoncé’s World Tour?

Beyoncé wrapped up her Renaissance World Tour in Kansas City, Missouri, on October 1, 2023. As of now, there don’t appear to be any more dates listed on the official Renaissance World Tour site. However, the term “World” in her tour name has always suggested that Queen B plans to take her spectacular show to other continents eventually. This leaves a tantalising possibility open for her fans across the globe, especially those in Australia. The absence of additional dates on the current list doesn’t mean the end; rather, it hints at potential future announcements that could very well include Australia in her global tour itinerary.

When is Beyoncé touring Australia?

So, what do we know about Beyoncé potentially touring Australia? While Queen B has not yet announced specific dates for her Australian tour, there’s a lot of hopeful speculation and some promising hints from tour promoters. Rumours are circulating that Beyoncé could be planning shows in major cities, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth, as well as crossing the Tasman Sea to New Zealand. One particularly exciting clue came from fans who noticed a Sydney countdown clock featured in the staging for her performance of “America Has A Problem,” sparking even more anticipation. 

When is Beyoncé announcing Australian tour dates?

When it comes to announcements, Beyoncé is known for her flair for the dramatic and unexpected. Her Renaissance World Tour was unveiled with just a single glittering Instagram post. Given her history of dropping spontaneous and earth-shattering surprises, there’s every reason to believe she could do the same with her Australian tour dates. For now, it’s all about staying vigilant, but luckily, we do all the work for you once you are signed up to the Queen of Tickets email list – you’ll know the second tickets are available.

How can I get tickets to Beyoncé in Australia and Melbourne?

Once the Australian tour dates are officially announced, getting tickets will become the next big mission for Beyoncé fans. Historically, her concert tickets sell out in the blink of an eye, so preparation is key. Luckily, we make it easy for you. Sign up to the email list at the bottom of the Queen of Tickets home page, we’ll email you the second Beyoncé Australian tour tickets are available, and you’ll be able to snatch them up straight away. Don’t pause when you get that email, though, these tickets will fly.

Dolly Parton’s Verdict on Beyoncé’s Version of Her Signature Hit, Jolene

In the lead-up to Beyoncé’s new country album ‘Cowboy Carter, the album the Beyonce Australian tour will focus on, country music legend Dolly Parton made it clear that she hoped the Formation singer would one day cover her iconic hit, “Jolene.” When the reimagined recording was released earlier this year, Dolly was thrilled. 

Initially, Dolly anticipated a “regular” cover of “Jolene,” one that stayed true to the original lyrics and melody. However, Beyoncé had other plans. She surprised everyone by reinventing the song with new lyrics and a fresh perspective, a move that Dolly found both bold and delightful. “When they said she was going to do ‘Jolene’, I expected it to be my regular one – but it wasn’t! But I love what she did to it,” Dolly explained. As a songwriter, she appreciates any new take on her songs, no matter how different they may be from the original.

Dolly praised Beyoncé’s courage and creativity, saying, “I think it was very bold of her.” She was particularly amused by the way Beyoncé’s version strayed from the original narrative. “But she wasn’t gonna go beg some other woman like I did!” Dolly joked, highlighting the contrast between her own plea in the song and Beyoncé’s empowered reimagining.

Expressing her pride in Beyoncé’s work, Dolly said, “I was very proud of her album, I thought she did a great job in country music, and I thought it was great. I was just happy she did ‘Jolene’. I, of course, would have loved to have heard how she’d have done it in its original way – but it’s Beyoncé! Her life is different than mine!” 

Beyoncé’s cover of “Jolene” is introduced by an audio message from Dolly herself, which adds a personal and nostalgic touch to the song. In the message, Dolly says: “Hey Miss Honey Bee. It’s Dolly P. You know that hussy with the good hair you sing about? Reminded me of someone I knew back when. ‘Cept she has flaming locks of auburn hair, bless her heart. Just a hair of a different colour, but it hurts just the same.” 

On Instagram back in March, Dolly expressed her delight with Beyoncé’s rendition, writing: “Wow, I just heard Jolene. Beyoncé is giving that girl some trouble and she deserves it! Love, Dolly P.” When asked if she’d be up for performing “Jolene” with Beyoncé at next year’s Grammys, Dolly’s response was an enthusiastic yes. “Who wouldn’t want to sing ‘Jolene’ with Beyoncé??” 

Before the Beyoncé Australian tour, let’s dive into the country album ‘Cowboy Carter’

No album this year will receive more attention than Beyoncé’s ‘Cowboy Carter.’ With the release of her latest album, the Texan singer once again proves she is a culture-shifting force, creating records that serve as powerful artistic statements and often delve into the political. If you are gearing up to grab your Beyonce Australian tour tickets, you’ll want to be well across this record.

The album cover sets the tone: Beyoncé astride a white horse, carrying an American flag, and decked out in red, white, and blue with a white cowboy hat. This striking image encapsulates the essence of ‘Cowboy Carter’ – a blend of patriotism, Americana, and Beyoncé’s brand of bold reinvention.

Ever since Beyoncé announced the new album during this year’s Super Bowl, speculation and excitement have been a whirlwind. Fans and critics alike have been eager to discover how ‘Cowboy Carter’ would sound, what its songs would convey, and how this new direction would shape Beyoncé’s trajectory in 2024.

‘Cowboy Carter’ marks a significant shift in Beyoncé’s musical journey. Known for her genre-defying artistry, Beyoncé ventures into country music with a fresh and innovative perspective. This album is not just a collection of country songs; it’s a reinvention of the genre through Beyoncé’s unique lens. From the soulful ballads to the high-energy anthems, ‘Cowboy Carter’ showcases Beyoncé’s versatility and deep connection to her Southern roots. Tracks like “Rodeo Queen” and “Lone Star Lover” blend traditional country sounds with modern pop influences, creating a nostalgic and forward-thinking sound.

Beyoncé has always been known for embedding powerful messages within her music, and ‘Cowboy Carter’ is no exception. The album addresses themes of identity, empowerment, and resilience. Songs like “Freedom Rider” and “Dixie Dreams” explore the complex history of the American South, touching on issues of race, heritage, and personal freedom.

Her “American Honey” track stands out as a poignant commentary on contemporary America, blending heartfelt lyrics with a stirring melody that resonates deeply with listeners. The song serves as a reminder of the country’s multifaceted identity and Beyoncé’s place within it.

Beyoncé tackles genre criticisms and feeling unwelcome in country music

Beyoncé has never shied away from experimenting with different musical styles, and her album ‘Cowboy Carter’ is no exception. The album has already sparked significant buzz and some controversy, particularly within the country music community. 

When Beyoncé released the country-inspired singles “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages” back in February, the reaction was mixed. While many fans celebrated her new direction, some corners of the country music world were less welcoming. An Oklahoma radio station initially refused to play her singles until her fans revolted, and other country-specific stations in the United States faced backlash from their loyal listeners for playing her music.

In the face of these reactions, Beyoncé took to social media to express her thoughts. “Today marks the 10-day countdown until the release of act ii,” she wrote, thanking her supporters for helping her achieve a milestone as the first Black woman to have a number-one single on the Hot Country Songs chart. “My hope is that years from now, the mention of an artist’s race, as it relates to releasing genres of music, will be irrelevant.”

Beyoncé’s foray into country music is not her first genre crossover. Her previous works, such as ‘Act I: Renaissance,’ incorporated dance, disco, and house tracks, while 2016’s ‘Lemonade’ featured a blend of genres, including the country-inspired “Daddy Lessons.” Despite the song’s country roots, “Daddy Lessons” was rejected by the Recording Academy’s music committee for a Grammy in the country category and was not nominated by the Country Music Association Awards.

Reflecting on her journey, Beyoncé revealed that her experience with the country genre has not always been smooth. “This album has been over five years in the making,” she wrote. “It was born out of an experience that I had years ago where I did not feel welcomed … and it was very clear that I wasn’t.”

This feeling of exclusion prompted Beyoncé to delve deeper into the history of country music and explore its rich, yet often overlooked, Black roots. “The criticisms I faced when I first entered this genre forced me to propel past the limitations that were put on me,” she explained. “Act ii is a result of challenging myself and taking my time to bend and blend genres to create this body of work.”

Beyoncé’s acknowledgment of the Black roots in country music is significant, especially considering the genre’s historical context. Despite their significant contributions, journalists have long noted how Black artists frequently go unrecognised in country music. For instance, it took Tracy Chapman three decades to make history as the first Black woman with a sole songwriting credit on a number-one country hit, thanks to Luke Combs’ cover of her song “Fast Car.”

In addition to addressing her critics, Beyoncé hopes that ‘Cowboy Carter’ will be more than just a collection of songs. “I hope that you can hear my heart and soul and all the love and passion that I poured into every detail and every sound,” she wrote. She envisions the album as a continuation of *Renaissance*, inviting listeners to embark on another musical journey that is both immersive and transformative.

Where to get your Beyoncé Australian tour tickets

All of this should have you very excited for the upcoming Beyoncé Australian tour, and you’ll hear about it first and have direct access through Queen of Tickets. Subscribe to our mailing list and get ready for the Queen’s arrival!

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